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  Gold Rate in Pune Today

Gold Rate in Pune

Gold rate in Pune. User will get Latest gold and silver price in Pune. User can find 24 carat gold rate in Pune and 22 carat gold rate in Pune. They all can also get Silver rate today in Pune Maharashtra. Latest Gold rate in Tola and Oz at Pune. Find the Pune gold price on 04 December 2023

List your Jewellery shop / Business in Pune

  • Tejal Jewellers
    421, Opp. PMC School, Dattawadi
    Pune 411030
    Phone : 20-24334300

  • Yatindra Jewellers
    637, Center Street, Camp
    Pune 411001
    Phone : 20-26340712

  • V N Jewellers
    527, Centre Street, Near Police Chowky, Camp
    Pune 411001
    Phone : 20-26341623

  • Varma Jewellers
    Mumbai - PuneRoad, Chinchwad Station
    Pune 411019
    Phone : 20-27475804

  • Vinod Jewellers
    A/3, Ramya Nagari Co-Op Society, Near Suhag Mangal Karalaya, Bibvewadi
    Pune 411037
    Phone : 20-24211931

  • V B Ashtekar Jewellers
    358, Bhanuvilas Chowk, Laxmi Road, Narayanpeth
    Pune 411030
    Phone : 20-24459997

  • Silver Palace
    559, Centre Street, Camp
    Pune 411001
    Phone : 20-26340070

  • Vrushabh Jewellers
    H. No. 2, Pashan, Near Sharda Bank
    Pune 411021
    Phone : 20-25889232

  • Suvarna Jewellers
    #547, Sadashivpeth
    Pune 411030
    Phone : 20-24483843

  • Varsha Jewellers
    3435, Govid Halwai Chowk, Ganeshpeth
    Pune 411002
    Phone : 20-26359548

  • Siddanath Jewellers
    Shop No. 6, Pushpa Apartments, Korthrud Corner, Paud Road
    Pune 411029
    Phone : 20-25381586

  • Solanki Jewellers
    #89/A, Yerawada
    Pune 411006
    Phone : 20-26693244

  • Tanishq
    Seth House, Opp. Hotel Holiday Inn, Camp, Bund Garden Road
    Pune 411001
    Phone : 20-26053070

  • Vardhaman Jewellery
    72/2, Neeta Corner, Khadki
    Pune 411003
    Phone : 20-25811139

  • Waman Hari Pethe Jewellers
    1196/B, Ghole Road, Shivaji Nagar
    Pune 411005
    Phone : 20-25537499

  • Yeolekar Jewellers
    Shop No. 7, Bima Jyoti Patwardhan Baug, Karve Road, Erandwana
    Pune 411004
    Phone : 20-25423175

  • Send Enquiry
    Ashtekar Jewellers
    590, Sadashivpeth, Umbrya Ganpati Chowk, Laxmi Road
    Pune 411030
    Phone : 20-24455228

  • Vijay Jewellers
    651, Near Sakal Office, Budhwarpeth
    Pune 411002
    Phone : 20-24454334

  • Tanmay Jewellers
    Gujarat Colony, Near Sutar Hospital, Kothrud
    Pune 411029
    Phone : 20-25439317

  • Swami Samarth Jewellers
    1, Mandar Society, Dhankawadi
    Pune 411043
    Phone : 20-24370951

  • Zankar Jewellers
    427, Bhobali Chowk, Kedari Road
    Pune 411001
    Phone : 20-26345800

  • Sri Mahalaxmi Jewellers
    1741, Camp, R. S. Kedari Road
    Pune 411001
    Phone : 20-26340015


Gold Rate in Pune is the most debatable topic in the gold market in India. Pune is the second largest city of Maharashtra and eight largest city of the India. Pune is also the cultural city of the Maharashtra and people of the city are mostly know and crazy to buy gold and Silver products. Central Pune is located at the confluence of the Mula and Mutha rivers. The Pavana and Indrayani rivers, tributaries of the Bhima River, traverse the northwestern outskirts of metropolitan Pune. The population of the Pune urban agglomeration is 3,304,888, while the population of Pune District is 9,429,408 according to survey in 2011. According to recent survey the population growth in Pune is 12% every year and people are fond of buying the gold and silver products in Pune.

Pune city have all kind of Gold and silver shops, branded and unbranded. People in Pune city are high income category mainly buy gold from branded showroom and middle income people buy products both from branded and unbranded shops. People in pune used to check the today Gold rate in Pune and Today Silver rate in Pune as they are very style oriented and used to buy gold and silver in every festival and occasions. The gold market in Pune is very good and people used to invest huge in gold and silver in Pune as these people keep themselves updated with the gold price in Pune and Silver price in Pune.

Since Pune city is near to Mumbai hence, the resident of Pune are very much influenced by the Mumbai. All the new and latest gold and silver design products reaches to Pune gold and silver shop as soon as it launch in India with current gold price in Pune and current silver price in pune. People in the city are from various cast and religions and hence we can find gold and silver design from all the cultural background. People in Pune used to buy gold as part of safe investment for their future and thus gold demand in Pune getting increases day by day as people find gold rate in Pune and silver rate in Pune easily. Gold-Rate.today, an online website where anyone who lives in Pune and in any part of India can find gold price in Pune and Silver price in Pune in various grams and Karat. On gold rate, people can find the monthly gold rate and silver rate also.

Precious Metal – Pune Gold Rate

Gold in its purest form is available in form of bright, slightly reddish yellow, dense, soft, malleable, and ductile metal and chemically is a transition metal and one of the least reactive chemical elements and is solid under standard conditions. Gold is resistant to most acids, though it does dissolve in aqua regia, a mixture of nitric acid and hydrochloric acid, which forms a soluble tetrachloroaurate anion and in alkaline solutions of cyanide, which are used in mining and electroplating. Gold dissolves in mercury, forming amalgam alloys, but this is not a chemical reaction. Thus, the scientific properties of gold in our natural and human systems reconciled independently over thousands of years. Gold was rooted in its relative rarity, easy handling and minting, easy smelting and fabrication, resistance to corrosion and other chemical reactions (nobility), and distinctive color.

History if gold and silver in Pune

Pune since located near to Mumbai holds very important market in India. Since situating near to business hub of India; History of Gold price in the city is very exciting. Historically, people used to lot of trading in Pune through gold and price of gold in Pune play very important role for the business in the region. Dagadusheth Halwai (Dagadusheth Gadve) originally came from Karnataka and settled in Pune was Lingayat trader and Sweet maker (Halwai in Marathi). He gained fame as a Halwai and original Halwai shop still exists under the name Kaka Halwai near Datta Mandir in Pune.

Types of gold in Pune purity wise

Gold generally come in purity forms: 18 kt, 22 kt and 24 kt. Out of three forms 22kt is most common and popularly called as 916 gold. However, 22 Karat is not completely pure gold and have 91.67 per cent purity. In Pune gold market, 22 KT generally found in Pune gold jewelry shops. Gold price in Pune varies because of the dilution of other substance in the gold thus making is less pure. 24 karat gold in Pune is the highest level of purity of gold and can be bought in the form of gold biscuits and also in the form of gold bars and coins in Pune.

Which gold is better to buy in Pune - 22 karats gold or 24 karats gold

Since we know that 22 KT gold price in Pune is not the price of the pure form of gold hence, buyers who are looking to buy gold in Pune should look for the affordability. 22 karat in Pune is still is only 75 percent pure and hence price of gold in Pune for the 22kt is less than the 24 kt gold. While 24kt gold is purest form and is malleable hence, other elements or alloy are added to make it tougher but the gold rate in Pune of 24kt is higher than the 22 kt gold. Buyers can check the 24 karat hallmarked gold rates in Pune. Therefore, it is suggested to go for the 24 KT but it is totally depend upon the affordability of the buyers.

How to test gold purity in Pune with steps and methods

Gold purity can be check in various testing method. Below we have described few methods:
Magnet test: If the metal alloy is added then gold is impure and therefore, there is a high possibility that the ornament which is heavily mixed with gold would be attracted to it. Acid test : This involves a stone and some acid and 24 karats gold in this case. However, currently very sophisticated karat checking machines are available to measure and identify the pure the gold.

Precaution should be taken while buying gold in Pune

While buying gold in Pune or anything like gold biscuit, gold coins and gold jewelries, there are few critical things that we should look forward to:
A> If we are looking to buy gold in form of coin, or biscuit, or brick then pls. buy gold in Pune from the shop which sell gold with Hallmark. Buyers should consider to buy the gold from BIS shops.
B> While buying gold jewelry in Pune and again with some stones designs in gold then most important thing we have to consider is that we need to look at the quantity of stone in the jewelry. The cost of stone and gold very 2 different thing and should not be consider it same as when we want to sell it then gold smith will buy gold, after deducting the stone charges. Hence, pls. consider the gold price and weight and not the stone.

Understanding wastage charges in Pune

Gold rate in Pune varies because of various reason including market scenarios, demand and supply etc. Thus, while making gold ornaments, shop owners put extra charges of making the gold jewelry which is not known to customers. The cost which is added and making finish jewelry product is called at making charges and is upon the shop owners how much they can charge. There is no specific rule to decide the cost hence it is very easy for the shops to increase and decrease to the cost of finish jewelry. Hence, while looking to buy the gold ornaments, buyers should ask for the making charges and while comparing with the today’s gold rate in Pune and should make sure that they should negotiate on making charges.

Be vigilant to avoid buying fake gold in Pune?

Buyers need to be very vigilant while they are looking to biuy gold in raw form like in coins or biscuits so that they should not end with buying fake gold. Hence while buying gold in city they should consider below points:

1> Below to 10 karats gold is defined as fake gold hence best way to buy the gold is that they should look for hallmark on the gold given by the Bureau of Indian Standards.
2> Try to check with magnet as gold is not a material which would stick to magnet. Also there are various other density tests that gold undergoes to know if it is genuine or fake.

Gold jewelry can only be made properly with 22 KYT gold as it cannot be made with 24 karats. 24 karats gold is very pure and hence very brittle and tends to break, which is why it is not suitable to make gold jewelry. Buyers can also look to make gold jewelry with 18 kt gold also which is about only 75 per cent gold in it.

Steps taken before buying gold in Pune?

Some important steps need to take before we decide to buy gold in the Pune city.
1>Check for the today’s gold price in Pune – Pune gold price varies based on various factors as government duties that are applicable and made payable by the government from time to time make gold more costlier.
2>While buying gold user have pay various government taxs hence they should awars that how gold they want to buy.

Reason and factors why gold rates in Pune fluctuate?

Pune Gold rates fluctuate because of number of reasons, they are: Pune Gold price fluctuate because international prices rise or dip. Thus, we add to this the currency rates and then also the applicable import duties, to arrive at the gold rates in Pune. Another factor is government taxes. The government also time to time changes duty rates thus resulted in gold rates go either lower or higher. Also seen that when there is excess money supply in the economy it leads to investors buying into precious metal like gold in Pune- Maharashtra, which fuels a rally in the prices in Pune. Thus current gold price in Pune influenced by many factors and there is no single one that has a telling impact on the price of the precious metal.

Does interest rates really affect’s gold prices in Pune? Government of India several time adjust the interest on the price of gold to control the market. Therefore, one of the biggest factors that tends to influence gold prices in Delhi is the behaviour of interest rates and that’s when interest rates across the globe go up, gold rates will fall and vice versa.

Gold price in Pune in 2017

Gold price in Pune in 2017 plays important role in the life of the buyers decision as they can take final and correct decision for buying 24 kt or 22 kt or 18 kt gold while looking at the current Pune gold price in 2017. Pune is the metro city and people living in the city have very much disposable income to invest or buy gold or gold rate products like Gold ETF, gold biscuit, gold ornaments/jewelry etc. However, 2017 gold price in Pune may see huge fluctuation as market may go jog jag because of the tax decision. When GST will pass then gold rate in Pune in 2017 may remain same as others cities. Thus, if international gold prices fall, it is highly likely that we will see a drop in prices of gold in the domestic markets as well. What are the factors that effect gold and silver price in Pune

There are many factors that effect’s gold price in Pune. They are :
1>Government tax regulation may effect the price of gold in Pune in 2017. Since GST is main focus hence price of gold in the city is highly likely to remain same as other cities in the country.
2>Gold consumption in Pune would also one of the important factors which can effect the price in the city.
3>Import of the gold in the country will also be considered one of the factors which will take direct impact on the gold price in Pune.
4>International market again play’s very important role in gold price fluctuation.

Silver price in Pune also get effect because of all above 4 points.

Why it not easy to buy large amount of gold in one time in Pune It is always risky to buy gold in large amount as the price of gold in Pune at Maharashtra is never be fixed. Buyers from city might be looking for the lowest price of the day in comparison to others days or months but it might happened that once they bought the gold then very next day gold price may go more lesser. Hence, you may feel cheated. Also there is other problem when if they buy gold in cash through undisclosed income and therefore, may land in the hand of tax authority. Also post Demonetization, now government is very strict in buying anything in case and more to say it has post restriction of taking out cash more than 3 lakhs hence buyers have to pay via electronic medium or through bank cheques. Also it is tougher for the people who don’t have pan card as government has made it mandatory while buying large chunk of gold at one time. So if they are planning to buy gold in excess of Rs 1.5 to Rs 2 lakhs, you must give your PAN card. This is largely in compliance with what the authorities require for tax purposes.

Investors often talk of the advantages of gold but one of the biggest problems of gold is that the movement can be very uninspiring. The second is when we sell gold also as when we plan to sell then we have to take the close watch on the gold price on which we have bought the gold. It is critical to know the market price as you may not wanted to sell the gold at the price below to what at we bought. one of the biggest disadvantages of buying gold in Delhi. There are several other problems including liquidity, unless you are buying gold ETFs, which are pretty much liquid. Another problem is that you need to keep some storage for gold and so have to incur some additional expenditure like a bank locker. Do not forget to check gold ka rate in Delhi here

It is always advisable to buy gold which is hallmarked gold jewelry in Pune?:

In order to not get cheated while buying gold in Pune, it is always advisable to buy gold from authorized shops that sell hallmarked jewelry. People from city before buying gold should know the gold price of the day and silver price for the day then they can go ahead to buy Hallmarked gold buying in City. Hence, if they are looking at 916 hallmarked gold in Pune, then they must understand that the same would be hallmarked by some of the essaying centre, allocated by the Bureau of Indian standards. The BIS as it is popularly called has earmarked these essaying centre.

Where to purchase gold in Pune?

In every city there are some fix places where the gold shops are located in groups in order to create the hub for gold market. In Pune, gold shops are located in many oarts of the cities and also in scattered way. Buyers from Pune who are looking to buy gold in Pune can find the list of gold and silver shop in Pune in this website. If they wanted to buy or invest in gold in city then they may find the BIS listed shops unlike the Zaveri Bazaar of Mumbai, where there is a heavy concentration of jewelry shops in the city.

Know is it really worth in investing in Gold schemes in Pune?

Pune jewelers time to time run many schemes in order to attract buyers. Therefore, Pune gold Investors may often ask whether it is worth investing in these schemes. While answering to this question user should always know the gold market trend before they take any decision. However, it is always a good idea if you are planning an anniversary or birthday gift to stay invested in gold schemes. Also, there are many jewellers who lock the prices of gold, the day you make the deposit in the scheme. So, this way you are hedged against risks of any sharp drop or rise in the prices of gold.

Daily gold rate in Pune and Monthly gold rate in Pune

Gold rate in Pune can be check daily, weekly and monthly. Gold rate trend in Pune can be check here where user can get the gold price in monthly basis. Pune gold price today can be check daily on the website. Gold price comparison in city is also available if buyer wanted to compare the gold price in city. Hence, they can track the daily gold price change and also compare the gold and silver price between present to last day and present to same date last month. Trading starts very early even before some shops open, so it is better to check the gold rate trend in Pune and Pune silver rate trend. Gold and silver price in the spot market (that is at your local jewelers) would be higher, they can go ahead and see the rates on the MCX, which is also known as the multi commodity exchange.

Difference between spot gold and gold futures

There is very thin line difference spot gold and gold future. Spot gold is the investment that an individual makes in gold coins, bars etc while in the futures market one buy the precious metal and settles the contract at a later date. While checking the gold rate in Pune buyers should know the spot gold in Pune and gold future. The futures market is always risky as the exposure is way too high while exposure is limited in the spot market, as one has to pay cash and buy the precious metal. In the futures market one just pays the requisite margin money and squares up the position before the contract expires.

Benefits of buying Gold coins vs Gold ETFs Vs Gold Jewelry in Pune

Buyers in the city have many options to buy gold in Pune today in many forms. These many forms are gold coins, gold jewelry and gold ETFs. If they buy gold jewelry then may not get the making charges back as well as tax are applicable when you buy gold coins therefore, both will lead to increases the costs of the gold. So, if a 10 per cent cost escalation happens, due to taxes, you need gold prices to rally by at least another 8 to 10 per cent, to get a decent return. So, in order to make decent returns gold has to gain at least 20 per cent. On the other hand if city gold buyers if buy gold ETFs then it is a much better proposition simply because they get better value for their gold. Also, there is no headache with thieves robbing your gold as the Gold ETFs are held in the electronic form.

Pune people should know about Gold in futures markets vs spot market

Pune Gold Buyers today can buy gold in two ways:

1>Spot market: In order to get the immediate passion of gold buyers from Pune can buy the gold from local jewellers shop or through the futures market. SO therefore, if they buy from spot market they need to pay the entire amount and take possession of the gold.
2>Futures market: Pune gold rate check by user And buyers from city can buy 10 grams, but only pay margin money, probably of 10 per cent. Hence, they have higher exposure by paying very less. This is of course very risky way of buying and selling gold, but, you can also end-up making higher money.

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