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Know 5 Simple Ways to Spot Fake Gold

Know 5 Simple Ways to Spot Fake Gold



There are number of ways are available in the market to understand and find the gold purity. Here on gold-rate.today, we would like to present the process where anyone if want to spot the gold purity in simple and easiest ways then can do it. Therefore, if you want to spot the purity of gold or Fake gold then find these 5 simple ways to spot the fake gold:


1> Stamp Test: There is small stamp placed at very tiny place which shows the gold mark in karat detail and gold weight accompanied by the sellers/manufacturer stamp.


2> Acid Test: Make small scratch on gold and put small quantity of nitric acid on gold. If it fades then its not pure or else if not faded then it pure.


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3> Magnet Test: Gold does not behave like iron in terms of Magnetic affect. Therefore, if you place gold in front of Magnet and if it does not react then it’s pure.


4> Float and Rust test: Drop your gold in cup of water and if the gold float and after some time if it rust then it’s not pure. (however, there are several objection raised in this technique)


5> Skin Test: If your skin shows or experiencing the discoloration while wearing the gold ornaments then it means that gold ornament is not pure and fake


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