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About Us

About Us

Right Connect was established in the month of Feb 2014 with the aim to provide some need of the life products from the field of information, entertainment, Finance, Ecommerce and games along with “Infotainment” concepts.


Hence, Gold-rate.today concept was conceived as a personal and B2B finance portal in Oct 2013 and it took almost five months to give it birth on 18th Feb 2014. And this precocious child of the cyberworld has been growing at a breath taking rate now. Today, gold-rate.today is set to become one of the premier end-to-end business and finance vortal for Indian netizens everywhere and sooner will be serving other countries.


Through this portal user may check the day to day change in gold and silver price and the rates offered by the Indian bank. Also, retailers around the world can list this shop and business to frer their fianial business to end user. We welcome you all to be part of the journey as our valued member and leave it to us to make this relationship worth of your life.

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