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  Kartick Ch. Basak in Kolkata

Kartick Ch. Basak

Address: #90 G, Hari Ghose Street
Calcutta/Kolkata 700006
Phone : 33-22416825

City: Kolkata

State: West Bengal

Country: India

Silver Rate in Kolkata

On Gold-Rate.Today get the latest and current Gold Price in Kolkata. Gold price is available in Indian weight of 10 gram, 100 grams, 500 grams and 1 KG. The gold quality is mainly comes in 22 Karat & 24 Karat with the prices difference based on quality. The Gold prices are very volatile and linked with Market behavior, Economic scenario and very much driven by International affects. The store of gold in any country is also defining the strength of the currency.


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In India, Gold is the most famous commodity which is used for the jewellery making and other products. Indian women by far love to wear the jewellery made from gold. E-commerce is still at very nascent stage in India thus huge number of people still visits the nearest Gold & Silver Shop to buy the readymade ornaments or place order for customize design. These retail shops offer variety of gold jewellery ornaments. The Gold and silver retail shops are established in organized and un-organized form. However, the ratio of these organized and un-organized are skewed towards the un-organized gold shops. These retail shops offer best design products and often vary in price. The price vary at gold retail shop is based on factors like: type of gold, ratio of gold, Design, Making changes etc etc. Thus people living in metro cities still search both online and offline for the good gold and silver retail shop which are known for the best work and quality products. Therefore, gold rate today website provide a wonderful opportunities to these retail owners/managers to list their shop/business and find the chance to get maximum eyeballs/potential buyers thus may result in increase in sale at the city. Looking to this opportunity, Kartick Ch. Basak is listed on gold-rate.today website. Kartick Ch. Basak is known for the best quality products. People can visit Kartick Ch. Basak #90 G, Hari Ghose Street Calcutta/Kolkata 700006 Phone : 33-22416825 to buy gold and silver ornaments or gold products. However, Gold-rate.today website does not claim or communicate on behalf of Kartick Ch. Basak, People can buy products based on their best judgment as gold-rate.today website or company has no linked and/or nor committed any kind of offering made by Kartick Ch. Basak. Though we believe that Kartick Ch. Basak provide good product and service to its buyers. We wish all the best to Kartick Ch. Basak and hope that business after listing at gold-rate would grow at much faster pace. We also request the visitors/user of this website to visit the Kartick Ch. Basak but take their own decision to buy or not. We request that while purchase at Kartick Ch. Basak shop pls. give reference to our website and post your exp with the gold retail shop Kartick Ch. Basak kindly share it on website gold-Rate.today

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